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“Anyone born with Down’s syndrome should be put down…”

Apparently its “cruel to let them lead a pointless life of a vegetable”  Those are the words of some woman who appeared on some sort of TV programme momentarily (or so I am told) and who now is seeking attention… Continue Reading →

Two down, one to go…

Ava goes in to Year 2, Seren (who has Down’s syndrome) goes in to Reception Class in the same school as Ava… Violet (aged 2) is still at pre-school. When summer term finished and the school holidays began, I got… Continue Reading →

To Richard Dawkins…

I am coming in rather late on this one.  I was sitting in a casino in Las Vegas when my mobile phone started pinging furiously with messages, tags, texts and the like, alerting me to what you had said on… Continue Reading →

Down’s syndrome is NOT a disability

That is according to my daughter Ava (aged 6). My middle daughter Seren (aged 4) has Down’s syndrome.  My youngest daughter Violet (aged 2) is typically chromosomed like Ava. Ava knows Seren has Down’s syndrome.  we talk about it in… Continue Reading →

How she has changed me…

I have referred to how Seren (who has Down’s syndrome) has “changed me” in several of my previous blogs.  I have never put my finger on how… and now, just over 4 years down the line it is becoming clearer… Continue Reading →

Myth Busting – Meet some “young mums”!

The vast majority of babies with Down’s syndrome are born to women under the age of 35.  The average age of women giving birth to a baby with Down’s syndrome is 28 in the UK.  Meet Beth, who fell pregnant… Continue Reading →

What they don’t tell you…

I hear all sorts of stories from the Down’s syndrome community that bother me in one way or another.  The medical professionals are usually the ones which get me the most annoyed – somehow I think they ought to know… Continue Reading →

Not a “Happy Anniversary”…

Seven years today… that’s how long I have been married. Every year since my wedding day I have celebrated this day.  No more.  One year ago today I last saw my mum alive.  I spoke to her and brought her… Continue Reading →

To the man responsible for my mum’s death…

Dear Paramedic (name withheld), On the 24th February 2014 it will be a whole year since I saw your face, and a whole year since I last saw my mum alive. I was married on the 24th February 2007, and… Continue Reading →

“What’s it like to have a child with Down’s syndrome?”

This is a question that has come to me by email, through the Future of Down’s contact form.  It’s a question I have been asked countless times in one way or another and I have always struggled to answer it… Continue Reading →

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