Kyan is now 24 weeks old or 5 ½ months old or, if you take off the five weeks early he came, then he is 19 weeks old or just hitting 5 months! We find it very confusing! We are suppose to stick to 24 weeks old, but when looking at weight/height and development we have to take off the 5 weeks…

Kyan trying baby rice for the first time












So how are you suppose to know when to start weaning?? Well we just had to watch Kyan to figure it out… (and checked our ‘bible’ – Cow and Gate’s 5 step weaning plan!)

First clue – he keeps sucking his fists and tries to chew his WHOLE hand. Second clue – he puts everything into his mouth. Third clue – He keeps eyeing off our food and reaches out to grab it. We figured the poor little lad was ready to try some puree.

Wanting more food!












Although Kyan’s muscle tone generally seems to be good, he still isn’t able to hold his head up for long periods of time (one of the ‘things’ on the checklist for weaning!) so we have taken to feeding him in his bouncer. Lauren bought him a Cushi Tush the other day and that seems to be the best seat for him as it has a long back. He isn’t a huge fan yet as Kyan doesn’t like being restricted, but hopefully he gets use to it soon as it will be ideal for feeding!

Kyan trying sweet potato








So the first thing we tried him on was baby rice. We figured this would be best as it can be mixed with his formula (Kyan is on special stuff – Neocate. It’s for babies with allergies and although no-one knows yet if he has an allergy, since the dietician switched him to Neocate, his reflux isn’t as bad). We bought some baby rice and followed the instructions on the pack. I must have used the tiniest spoon for the measurements as we ended up with only a little milky mix. It sort of looked like Infatrini (Kyan’s first ‘fat’ milk) mixed with gaviscon. We thought we’d try it anyway.

Kyan loved it. He kept the first mouthful in his mouth for a bit but then he started to sort of suck the baby rice off the spoon. We thought he would only have a little but he finished it off quite quickly and then had a small bottle. We were very pleased with his first attempt. He hardly spat any out and seemed to like it!

Messy boy!












The following weekend we got a little more adventurous and decided to try sweet potato puree! I went out and bought a food processor (I had never seen one before let alone used one – maybe we don’t have them in Australia? Well my mum never used one!). Lauren had to help me put it all together – they come with so many pieces! Once I had my tools ready, I steamed his potato and puréed it.

Squeezing the sweet potato








We were a little anxious to give it to him as we didn’t want him to reflux and block his nose (which usually leads to a 999 call) so we decided to give him only a couple of mouthfuls. Once again, he loved it! The first mouthful took a little getting used to but once he had a few more he was well away. We were shocked! We didn’t want to overdo it on his first try so stopped after a few spoonfuls. Kyan, however, had other plans. He started sticking his tongue out for more! We gave him another one. Down it went. Then he threw his arms out as well as stick his tongue out. We
gave him a few more spoonfuls. At this point we were wondering how much he should have and decided that would do. Nope! Kyan started crying for more! We kept going until he was satisfied. It probably amounted to just a few teaspoons in the end but we couldn’t believe how much he enjoyed it!

More please!












After both the baby rice and sweet potato puree, Kyan wasn’t sick at all. He usually is a bit sicky and sometimes refluxy after each bottle, but was fine after the puree. We might just be onto something here!

Kyan loving his baby porridge

This weekend we tried him with baby porridge. We had the same reaction. He kept sticking his tongue and arms out wanting more. I couldn’t keep up with him! Unfortunately he was sick after the baby porridge but we are not sure if it was the porridge or just him being a little under the weather. He slept most of the day and had a temperature later that evening so we are putting the sickness down to that and not the porridge!

We are definitely onto something good with this weaning thing we hope!