Guess what I woke up to?!!

My baby girls bright beautiful smile – and almost completely puff free face.  What a fantastic start to the day.

She’s back!!

Violet had her last iv medication at 1am and now she will be given everything orally, and I will be doing it.  We are being prepared to go home.  Her canula will remain in place until we go home, but it is no longer being used.  Even the monitor has been removed from her foot, so she is tube and monitor free.

Being a good girl and taking her medicine for me

By lunch time, she was showing signs of wanting to get on to her side and at 3pm, slightly earlier than planned, WE HAD OUR FIRST CUDDLE IN MORE THAN 2 DAYS!  Violet looked slightly shocked when I very gently lifted her up, but she enjoyed having a different view and really loved the walk around the ward… she smiled at everyone.  This evening, I even got a chuckle out of her.

Starting to move a bit more

Playing on her side – so proud of her!!

The only thing between us and home is a little more recovery and a poop… Violet hasn’t pooped once since we have been in hospital – due in part to the drugs (especially the morphine apparently) that she has been taking.  She has been given a couple of doses of lactulose to get things moving – if that doesn’t work by tomorrow then they will be going in with a glycerol chip (the semtex of the constipation world).  As with most babies, poop can go up their backs, which will obviously mean that her dressing and wound will get saturated… I will need to be shown how to sterilise, clean and redress the wound before they will send us home.  It will be better on all counts if her first blow out happens where I can have some help…. oh the joys of being a mum!!  I am not complaining though, not at all… everything is going to plan and we should be home soon.  My husband had better have a bottle of “The Ned” Sauv Blanc chilling in the fridge for me… I think I deserve a treat!! (Hint, hint, hint Matt!!)

Completely shattered after a busy day.