I have some news…

We are home!

I can’t quite believe it.  It has a little to do with the desperate need for beds at GOSH and also to do with the fact that Violet is doing so well and I can now care for her myself at home.

So the lactulose didn’t work… the semtex was put in and the “plug” was released.  I was worried that the rest would follow and saturate the wound site but she was padded and wadded up for the journey home and we were sent on our way with instructions and well wishes.

Matt came and got us and we were homeward bound.

In the car on the way home

Of course the inevitable happened and she had a bowel explosion in the car half way home – covering her wound, bandages and back in lots of poop.  We had to strip her down, remove the bandages etc and patch her up in the car.  I called our GP so that we could go directly to have the wound cleaned and redressed when we got back, but as is the case with most local GP’s, I couldn’t get an appointment for a few hours so we headed home and panicked about poop on her wound for what felt like an absolute age…

In the mean time I finally got a look at her scar… wowsers… I measured it and its exactly 3.5 inches long – its bloody huge.  I also tried to estimate the number of stitches and I am guessing in excess of 50.

This picture doesn’t do it justice, but its a whopping scar!

The GP and nurse who helped us were awesome and sent us home with lots of supplies to deal with this kind of an occurrence by ourselves, should it happen again.

I think the thing that amazes me the most is how quickly she has bounced back.  Everyone said she would, but honestly, the day of the op and day 1 post op were horrific.  So distressing for me and her.  I didn’t foresee how quickly she would turn around after that though.

I tentatively put her in her highchair tonight and she had her first non-milk meal in 4 days.  She LOVED it.

Managing to sit in her highchair for a bit

We still have to handle her gently and remain cautious of the wound site.  She still finds it too uncomfortable to sit on her own unaided, but I don’t doubt it will come soon.

I can’t believe its over… one dermal sinus tract removed, one spine untethered… Major spinal surgery and my little girl is coming on in leaps and bounds.

This is it then, thank you for following Violet’s story, thank you for your support.  The well wishes and messages have been an absolute necessity in the last few days – I have found it comforting to know that Violet has been thought of and blessed by having so many people keep her in their thoughts.

This is “The End” of Violet’s Blog now – she will slip back in to our normal family blog and I will keep you updated on her progress at the same time as Ava’s and Seren’s xxxx