I got “the phone call” yesterday.  I don’t know why I didn’t think we’d get it, but I had kind of forgotten we were on the cancellation list and was focusing on our pre-op on Friday and the actual Big Day on the 17th.

The call came yesterday afternoon.  We are to be at GOSH on Thursday at 2pm – checking straight in to Koala Ward.  Violet’s operation will be carried out on Friday.

So today I have been running around like a woman possessed trying to catch up on laundry, packing bags, and writing lists of instructions for my mother-in-law…. all while keeping the 3 girls entertained.  It’s not been an easy task.  The house looks like a bomb has gone off in it…

I will be heading up to GOSH tomorrow on my own with Violet – she is just having a stream of pre-op tests and starvation will begin.  I can stay with her the whole time, but there is only room for one adult to stay over night.  Matt is staying home with the girls and will wait for “Nanna Rose” to arrive in the early afternoon (my mother-in-law).  He will come up first thing on Friday, hopefully in time to see her go under, but at the very least he will arrive while she is being operated on.

We have decided to keep the girls home from school and preschool until Violet has had her op.  If for any reason it doesn’t go ahead on Friday, at least we will have a contamination free environment to come home to.

So the countdown has well and truly begun and I will admit to feeling a bit anxious.  I am worried the op wont go ahead, I am worried that they will find her condition more complicated than they had anticipated, I am worried it will go wrong… all normal things I guess.

I am however confident that we have done the best we can by Violet and that she is being looked after by the best professionals, in the best setting for her… we can do no more than that.  The rest is in the lap of the Gods (and the very skilled surgeons).