One week until the operation – we are going into lock down.

Following my last blog, things moved pretty fast.  Within 24 hours of being at Great Ormond Street, we had the confirmation that Violet would have her operation at GOSH and then the date came through within minutes.  Monday 17th December.  Her pre-op assessment is this Friday, so I am hoping the snow stays away long enough for us to get up there safely!

Violet has a bit of a cold and I need to have her fighting fit and healthy for her op or they just wont do it – I am keeping both Ava & Seren home from Wednesday onwards in an attempt to keep germs at bay.  Violet and I wont be going anywhere this week and we wont be allowing visitors in our home.  I am going to be climbing the walls come the weekend and then I will be swapping the confines of our house to the confines of a room in hospital.

Funny isn’t it how I was so scared of the possibility that Violet might need an operation, and now I am frightened that she will be too sick to have it!! I so desperately want this little chapter of our lives over and done with asap.

Some good news in the mean time though – she had her appointment with urology and had a scan of her bladder and kidneys.  As luck would have it, she had a full bladder so the consultant got to have a good look at her insides.  I am delighted to report that she is fully functioning and NORMAL!!  So here’s hoping the operation is a success and she wont be left with any permanent damage.

As for the other 2… Seren is completely unaware of what is going on, but Ava is a bit anxious – mainly about me going away for such a long time.  Unless we are delayed in hospital, Ava and Seren wont be coming to visit.  It’s just a bit too far and would be a bit too distressing for them.  We will have to rethink our plans if Violet ends up in hospital longer then the “assumed” 5 days. Keep your fingers crossed for us!