So long since I last wrote a bit about us and what we’re up to!   So much has happened since Seren’s 2nd birthday in June… lets catch up and I will share some family snaps with you.

Seren and her baby sister Violet

We spent July bumming around the town we live – we enjoyed days out, walks, playing in the park and having friends visit.  We even managed a weekends camping with friends which was great fun. In August we held a mini-fundraiser for my local Down’s syndrome Charity, Down’s syndrome Oxford (aka DSO).  I held a  “chari-tea” which involved a friend and local business owner Emma, lending me her lovely tea service (check her out on her website Vintage Pretty Tea).  It was a lovely event and we raised £220!!!  If you are rich, or not, and would like to donate on my Just Giving page, just click here. The page will remain open for another 11 months so I guess I should really change my target because I have reached it already!!

Getting ready to meet her guests!

Violet at the fundraiser, being a good girl

A great success!!


In our caravan in Ruda

We did a mini break to a Haven site called Ruda – the girls had a whale of a time although we discovered that Seren HATES sandy beaches.  It was slightly problematic and Ava had to go surfing with Matt on her own, but we managed to keep them both entertained.  Poor little Violet just had to make do with whatever chair she was shoved in!

The summer holidays went fast, really fast.  We enjoyed a local free music festival and the girls loved all the music.  Seren danced and danced and danced.  She attracted the attention of the festival photographer who took lots of photo’s of her and Ava messing about.  The girls spent some time admiring themselves afterwards and the photographer was really patient showing them the pics he had taken!

Bunkfest 2012

I loved having my girls home with me, the chaos, the noise, the endless playing and mess.  I relish every minute.  This summer was especially special because it was Ava’s last before starting full term school.  For those of you who were keeping up with our school fiasco, Ava finally got in to our local school.

Ava on her 1st day of big school!

Celebrating the start of "big school"

It was 2 days before the appeal hearing and someone dropped out, releasing a space that was given to Ava.  I was so very relieved.  Ava was delighted and I was able to crack on and get her uniform sorted.  She loved her first day and Seren gazed adoringly at her big sister in her new uniform!!

Excited for Ava on her first day!

Seren idolises Ava and Ava adores Seren

On another day - Seren ready for preschool and Ava for big school

September has been and gone now and I feel as though we are rattling towards Christmas.  I have finished the Christmas shopping for the girls already which leaves me feeling pretty stress free.

The weather is getting cold now – a recent trip to a forest left us feeling completely unprepared for the drop in temperature.  We were all FREEZING! The girls enjoyed themselves though and loved having a treat of a pack of crisps each – usually I make them share!

Crispy fun

They are so close xxx

Finally, Violet had her MRI.  She had to have a general anesthetic to keep her completely still.  I was so worried on the run up to it, but it all went as well as it could have done and I can now cross it off my list of things that I have survived.  I have no idea when the results will come through – some time in the next few weeks I would imagine.  I will keep you posted.

2 days after her MRI and looking gorgeously chubby!

So that’s it from me for now – this was just a quick catch up… a quick 2 minutes of what has been going on with us.  As a final glimpse into our lives, I would like to share these photo’s with you.  We allowed a photographer in to our home to see us just being us… I didn’t clean the house or style the girls (hence Ava’s scraggy hair!), it was just a day in our lives.  I often get asked what its like to have a child with Down’s syndrome and I can’t really answer it any better than letting you see with your own eyes… here are a few hours in our lives…

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