I got invited out for dinner by a friend – her treat.  I got dressed up, did my hair, spent ages applying my make-up and looked forward to my night out.  I was hoping for a lovely fancy restaurant, fine wine and good service and guess what I got…

The cab pulled up outside a little restaurant on a corner of a main street in the less-desirable part of town.  My heart sank.  I remember people talking about this place and it sounded pretty rubbish. The front of the restaurant was wasn’t up to much, it was old and tatty so I held out little hope for what was on the inside.  Undaunted, my friend hopped out of the cab and headed for the front door.  I stepped inside and it wasn’t that much better… old fashioned, the décor gave the impression of not having been updated for about 20 years.  My friend sat at our table and grinned “this is a great little place!” I wasn’t so sure.  Certainly, I felt totally overdressed.

The waiter came and handed us the menu’s.  I was slightly surprised to see a few things that I really like – but it was cheap, so I held out little hope of it actually tasting good.  We ordered – I chose calamari for my starter followed by duck breast, my friend chose scallops followed by fillet steak. The wine we chose was alright, drinkable at least, so we chatted and waited for our food.  It took AGES for them to arrive.  An hour later and I am beginning to lose hope of ever eating but then the waiter appears and our starters are plonked down in front of us – I have to say, 0 out of 10 for presentation, but good grief did my calamari taste good!!  It was fresh, perfectly cooked and an absolute delight to eat.  Sadly the service in between courses was lacking and by the time the main course arrived, we had been there almost 2 hours… but again, the food was amazing – my duck was the best I have ever tasted.  I enjoyed every mouthful and couldn’t believe how well cooked it was.  My friends steak was a masterpiece too… tender, juicy and the sauce was to die for.  Our deserts arrived very quickly – as soon as the main course had been cleared so it was quite unexpected!! We both chose the crème brulee and again, heaven in a pot.  I couldn’t believe how wrong everyone had been about this place, I was going to let everyone know that if you can handle the slow service, the food was so much of a treat that it makes the wait worthwhile!!


Utterly fictional of course, but a good way to explain about Seren, her diagnosis and the wrong impressions people have of Down’s syndrome.  Until you have experienced it, there is no way to explain how much joy a child with Down’s syndrome can bring… look at her and judge her by her disability and you will never learn the truth of what amazing things she can achieve.  It might take her a whole lot longer to reach her milestones, but boy oh boy it’s worth the wait.

Here is one of my PMM’s (proud mummy moments) – 24 hours after her first couple of crawling “steps”, she is trying to master the art of forward movement (with a little help from a piece of chocolate).  She was 13.5 months old.