Things I love about Kyan.

  1. The way he shouts ‘mum’ in the morning when he wakes up. Then puts his arms out for a cuddle , and gives me a big kiss.
  2. When he is sat at my feet in the shower, and he grabs the bodywash, pumps it onto his hand and washes his body (he doesn’t actually get any soap out!).
  3.  The way he walks around and around in a circle when he has energy to burn. Especially when he holds one hand up to his head (his sign for ‘sing 5 little ducks mum’).
  4. How he plays ‘Here we go round the Mulberry Bush’ with Mummy Lauren. Walks around in a circle, stops and puts his finger on his lips, says ‘hmmmmm’ and waits for an instruction (this is the way we run to the bed…)
  5. The way he demands attention – he comes running and slaps both arms on me and shouts with a massive smile on his face.
  6. The way he still likes to be cuddled off to sleep. He loves to stroke our faces with the back of his hand.
  7. The way he shouts in excitement when he can watch The Wiggles, Barney or Mr Tumble. And how he is starting to copy everything from these shows – especially when he does his ‘statue’ impression when watching The Wiggles.
  8. The way he signs yoghurt at any point in the day (or night) followed by a big ‘yes’ nod.
  9. The way he says ‘Ipad’ followed by shaking his head ‘no’ as he knows that’s what we will say.
  10. When he lifts his shirt up and tickles his own tummy, and then laughs.
  11. The way he stands at the front door when I get home from work and shouts ‘mummummummummum’ and then follows me around for the rest of the evening.
  12. When he (occasionally) ends up in between his mummies in bed and has a huge smile on his face. Then continues to smile at each of us, before laying on his back and placing one hand on each of us and dozes off.

I love our little man. We are so lucky to have him in our lives.