Tomorrow is Seren’s last day at her infant school, her last day in Year 2.  I can’t believe it.



I remember the anxiety I felt when she started there 3 years ago, virtually non-verbal and TINY in stature compared to the other kids who all seemed like giants next to her.  I was scared, I can’t lie, and I had no idea whether mainstream school would be a success for her or not.  Tomorrow she leaves – she is still tiny but she can talk more now and her speech is making great progress.


I’ve blinked and 3 years have passed… three very successful years in a mainstream setting.  Seren has had learning targets on a special needs curriculum and although she develops a LOT slower than her friends, she is enthusiastic, wants to join in and is delighted when she shows off her work.  She is now able to write her name and surname independently and is sounding out her phonics and trying to write words independently more and more.  She is at the same level of reading and writing as her younger sister Violet who has just completed reception class.


Seren’s love of school is almost certainly 90% down to her fantastic t/a’s, one of whom she has had for the whole 3 years and the other for the last 2.  This continuity has been amazing for Seren.  The relationship she has with her t/a’s is phenomenal and they have been thoroughly invested in to her and her development both academically and personally.  The anxieties I felt those 3 years ago before Seren was due to start reception class have come back with a vengeance but this time it’s worse.  Junior school is a different kettle of fish, the kids become more complex in their behaviours and lessons become significantly more academic.  Seren will have to get used to 2 new t/a’s and they in turn will have to get to know Seren.  My nerves shatter a little more every day as September looms.


I don’t doubt that the new school, t/a’s and teacher have the absolute best intentions when it comes to Seren and her start at the school but it doesn’t stop me from worrying!!  I just really want Seren to continue to love school, to want to go, to have friends and be included… all the things she has enjoyed at her infant school.


Tomorrow I will sob as I say goodbye to Seren’s t/a’s, they have been instrumental in her success in infant school and I am eternally grateful to them.


I can’t wait to have my girls home with me for the summer holidays and I will try and put September to the back of my mind.  A new chapter awaits.