Seren is very much a part of our community… she is known and loved by many. For so many of my friends and their children she is simply Seren, a part of the woodwork and accepted.  But time will pass and kids will grow up… questions will arise, she will meet new friends, come across new families. Kids are inquisitive and that is great!

There is one rule I would appreciate everyone would stick to (and its the only one!) PLEASE let your kids ask questions. Let them ask me, as Seren’s mum, and don’t worry about the language they use or the questions they ask.

Children will ask questions which might make adults uncomfortable…

* what’s wrong with her?

* why does she look like that?

* why can’t she talk?

* why does she still wear nappies?

* why is she making that noise? (Seren repetitively hums and grunts)

* why does she wave her hands around

It’s ALL ok!! Let them ask! I would gladly answer all of those questions, and I am grateful to all the kids that ask.  As parents, please don’t be uncomfortable about it – encourage it. If you have questions, then please ask too! There is no such thing as a silly question and I am so totally open to answering anything.

My “vision” is that Seren becomes a valued member of our community; that she is simply Seren.  I hope that our community will look out for her, will love her.  In return, your children (and you adults) please ask me anything you want to know.  I am so proud of my girl, I will gladly explain anything about Down’s syndrome, and anything about Seren.