Oh my word, this is a strange feeling!! A new chapter is opening up for me both in terms of blogging and with what is going on for us as a family at the minute.  Any blogs that are on this site, which are dated before today – 7th June 2016 – were written and published on my old website www.futureofdowns.co.uk.  The decision was made to move them to this new site was because FoD was developing in to more than just a personal blog space for me, but more of a campaign group, and an information hub.  Future of Down’s, the website, is now being managed and controlled by two new wonderful and motivated ladies who will move the website in to a new chapter all of its own.  There is a whole group of people working super hard behind the scenes to improve understanding of Down’s syndrome and what it means to raise a child with Down’s syndrome today – we aim to squash the old stereotypes and bring everyone up to date! As well as this, we are working hard to try and update the information given to parents in the hospital when they are heading towards screening.

So for now, I just want to say WELCOME!

As for our exciting family news? Matt and I have decided to try and become FOSTER CARERS! We don’t know whether the time is right for us or whether we will be approved, but we can only try.

The process is already underway and I look forward to sharing our journey on this new blog, regardless of the outcome.  I have no idea if we will succeed or fail, but we feel we need to try.

I will do my best to update more about our family lives too!

For now, here are a few photo’s I want to share.

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