I always find myself contemplating life around Seren’s birthdays. Admittedly there have only been 3 so far, but I imagine I will be doing this for the rest of my life.

I think about my childhood (which was awesome), my education, my stint in boarding school, all the different types of people I have met… some of them utterly appalling – nasty, self-serving… others, the most amazing to know.  I find myself remembering the good and “bad” people I have met in my life and understand that each of those people influenced me and who I am today.  The people I have always admired the most are those who have empathy; those who think of others as well as themselves.  Even better – those who think of others before themselves.  The interesting thing I have come to realise is that we are all capable of change and personal development for the better.  No matter who we think we are today, life events will chew up our personalities and spit them out somehow mutated, different.  Some life events will leave us battered and sore, other events will make us feel empowered and alive.  The sad fact is that neither of these types of events are avoidable, and going on a mission to try and steer life in a certain direction to avoid a situation that might be perceived as being catastrophic, will actually prevent an experience that will probably end up a whole lot different to what a person might be expecting.  I have always felt that I want life to happen around me and that I should embrace the rough with the smooth, accept the challenges and reap the rewards.  My rewards are my children, all of them.  The world would be a better place if I could wave a magic wand and turn fear into excitement.

Seren, colouring in on the lawn

Violet aged 14 months

Ava, aged 5. My scruff bag after school!

Seren isn’t “loving” like the stereotype might label her, but I can absolutely confirm that she has taught me *how* to love.  The love I had before she was born (unbeknown to me) had hit some sort of glass ceiling.  I was delirious with love, pride and happiness as a mummy to Ava and a wife to Matt.  We had a nice home, a great life… There really was nothing that life could teach me, I was in such a good place, my life was perfect…  Yet Seren has opened a whole new part of my soul that I never even knew existed.

Seren loved the harmonica she got for her birthday and is especially fond of sweeties!! Bliss!!

In the 3 years that Seren has been a part of my life, I have learned more about myself, about life, about love than I ever thought possible.  This one unique situation, this one unique child… has made me a better person.  A better mummy and a better human being.  I am more aware, I have more understanding.  Doors have opened, communities have formed. I feel like Seren has initiated me in to some sort of secret club, and I absolutely LOVE being a member of it.

My lovely Ava

Seren has only just turned 3 and she hasn’t just impacted my life, she has impacted the lives of some of the people who know her.  Around here, Seren is just Seren, but when I remind myself that she has Down’s syndrome, I am also reminded to think of what that means for us as a family.  Day to day, what does it really mean to us?

Seren loves nothing more than climbing and exploring – she LOVES playgrounds!


It means absolutely nothing.

She is just our little girl.

Happy Birthday Seren!!

Seren and her chocolate dog cake!! She loves being the centre of attention!


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