3 years ago Ella was born. As D says it was the PGA weekend and the year Tiger Woods was beaten buy the relatively unknown Y E Yang. It’s funny the things you remember. Friday afternoon I was looking at the clock and happened to see 14:54, that was the time E arrived into the world. 

23:00 on Friday night I was quite emotional – E was taken to scbu for something totally unrelated to ds. The doc kept saying there could be something else – finally at approx 2am we were told something with her chromosomes – that meant nothing to us and our response was well at least it’s nothing serious.

It wasn’t until the next morning when the consultant and another junior doctor came into my room that we learnt they thought E might have ds. They would do bloods on Mon to confirm. At this point we didn’t know what to think – we didn’t even have our little girl with us, she was upstairs in scbu. I wanted to go and be with her. Looking back it seems like a silly thought but I didn’t know/hadn’t seen any kids with ds only adults.

Saturday was a long day. I was being told to rest by the midwife but I just wanted to be with E in scbu. I spent time just sitting with her, stroking her arm and crying. I kept missing the hospital meals but thankfully my mum kept coming armed with soup in a flask and sandwiches.

Sunday we were told E could come back from scbu – at this stage D was trying to get his head round the news and wasn’t sure about E coming back downstairs to be with us. My attitude was we couldn’t send her back and had to get on with things. That night was the longest ever waiting for the bloods to be taken the next morning. All I did was take pictures of her sleeping so peacefully in the cot beside my bed.

Monday I woke early and just lay looking at Ella fast asleep in her cot – it was this morning they were going to take bloods. We had been told it would be at 8am as they had to get them to another hospital. 8am came and went and no sign of anyone. While I didn’t want someone sticks needles into my little girl I needed this to happen. I buzzed the midwives and the one that came to my room seemed totally uninterested. I buzzed again coming up on 9 and in floods of tears told her the bloods had to be done, we needed to know either way and if they weren’t done now I would have to wait another day for results. Soon after a doctor arrived and wheeled my little princess away to the treatment room. It was awful seeing her go. Thankfully she was only away a matter of minutes and when she returned I fed her.

Come lunchtime there was still no sign of us getting home – I needed my space and familiar surroundings. When the paed came to check Ella I asked if we could go home  – no was the response not until the bloods came back (we knew from a  previous conversation that would be Wed) I wasn’t prepared to wait until Wednesday. I asked him was there any medical reason E needed to be in hospital – NO I then asked the midwife was there any medical reason I needed to be in hospital – NO. Well in that case we are going home please do what you have to do to get us out of here. Paperwork was started and by tea time we were home.

The past 3 years have been a roller caoster but I can honestly say we are more often on the top of the rollercaoster than the bottom.

We had great birthday celebrations but that is for another blog.