We have had nothing but sunshine the last month and then today….RAIN!! But it’s not too bad – at least it’s still hot!

So we have been here for one month now and been having a great time. We are still in holiday mode (as we felt we needed one) and have been busy doing lots of tourist things. We spent a day at my family’s farm last week. Kyan loved it! He spent the day getting us to walk him around. He loved the pigs and dogs in particular. He is funny how he prefers the bigger animals and wasn’t interested in the baby animals. We spent the day signing the animals to him and he is really showing a great understanding of signs.


Kyan loved the piglets!








We also took a trip to the Sydney Aquarium. It was very hot and busy but still good. Kyan loves that he can stand up against the tank and watch the fish. Unfortunately he fell asleep before we went to the shark tank but we loved seeing the sharks! After the aquarium we walked around Darling Harbour. Kyan played on the swings and loved the water park they have there. We kept taking it in turns walking him around and all ended up very wet! His delayed development is becoming more obvious (to us) now. We were watching the other little ones running around and wished Kyan was walking. He isn’t missing out as we both make sure he gets involved in everything, but it would be nice for him if he could discover things on his own.

Kyan checking out the fish.








Kyan enjoying the fish at the Aquarium!








Kyan is much more confident in the water now. We have been swimming almost every day and he is now whinging when I hold him! Mr Independent. We have tried a few different floating devices and really want to get him one of those life jacket ones but he is too small at the moment. I spoke to a few friends who teach swimming and decided to take him under the water the other day. He didn’t really enjoy it BUT the next day he was putting his own head in the water and drinking it! So it definitely helped with his confidence. We also bought him a baby pool and put it on the front balcony. So he is constantly in that one as well! He is learning to use his little watering can. He has definitely gotten stronger the last couple of weeks.

Swimming in the sun








We are still working on trying to get Kyan to sit up on his own from a laying down position. He is 17 months old today and although he can roll, sit and walk around (if we hold his hands), he still can’t bring himself up to sit independently. Saying that, he has improved a lot in the last month. He is almost there, it is just very slow progress.

Kyan loves water and will play in it anywhere!












One area he is making great progress in is signing! We are constantly signing to him and he still watches lots of Mr Tumble and Singing Hands (gotta love Ipads!) which definitely helps. Just this week he has started signing ‘monkey’ and ‘giraffe’. His favourite song at the moment is the one with the monkey’s who jump on the bed and fall off. He signs monkey and then hits his head! Clever boy. He has also learnt ‘e i e i o’ from ‘Old MacDonald’ thanks to Singing Hands. We love that he is signing so much and it definitely makes communicating easier!