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Family life with 3 daughters, each beautifully unique, one who happens to have Down's syndrome

Sweet Sisterly Love

There is a big myth that flies around that siblings “suffer” when they have a brother or sister who has Down’s syndrome.  It’s simply not true.  Nope. Not true at ALL. I am glad I never came across this little… Continue Reading →

The R-word

I wasn’t born perfect… As true as that might be for most people, there are plenty that think they were. My entire life has been a learning curve. Experiences, the people I have met, the countries I have visited, each… Continue Reading →

Seren is 6!

Another year gone by, another birthday celebrated. I was trying to explain to a friend the other day that there are different emotions involved in celebrating Seren’s birthday to Ava’s and Violet’s.  I have never mentioned this to Matt before,… Continue Reading →


So today came round fast.  I have spent the best part of the last 2 weeks clearing out our house, clearing the garden and getting the box room decorated (Ava’s room was decorated at the same time too).  Preparations for… Continue Reading →

Panic Stations!

Panic is setting in, and I am feeling so conflicted. I began to clear out our “box room” the other day, which is the room where we would welcome a foster child. My computer and computer table, with all its… Continue Reading →

My new blog site and some exciting news!

Oh my word, this is a strange feeling!! A new chapter is opening up for me both in terms of blogging and with what is going on for us as a family at the minute.  Any blogs that are on… Continue Reading →

Down’s Syndrome – Our Kids (part 1)

Down’s syndrome.  Sometimes we (as a community) wish we could alleviate the fear that some parents seem to have about the condition.  Life in 2016 isn’t like it was 20 years ago, but rather than write a long blog, the… Continue Reading →

Mainstream schooling for a child with Down’s syndrome

From the day I first thought about schools for Seren, I always knew I would allow her to lead the way.  Schooling and education are important to us as a family, and I knew I wanted to have Seren educated… Continue Reading →

“Anyone born with Down’s syndrome should be put down…”

Apparently its “cruel to let them lead a pointless life of a vegetable”  Those are the words of some woman who appeared on some sort of TV programme momentarily (or so I am told) and who now is seeking attention… Continue Reading →

Two down, one to go…

Ava goes in to Year 2, Seren (who has Down’s syndrome) goes in to Reception Class in the same school as Ava… Violet (aged 2) is still at pre-school. When summer term finished and the school holidays began, I got… Continue Reading →

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